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Minneapolis Criminal Lawyer

A criminal charge, even one that might seem minor, can be life changing.  It can't be overstressed — decisions made in the immediate wake of a criminal allegation can have employment, travel, personal and business consequences for years to come.

The stakes do not get much higher.  So, the only real question you should be asking is which Minneapolis criminal attorney should you partner with.

Nelson Criminal Defense & Appeals, P.L.L.C. offers complete criminal defense services. From simple traffic violations and commonly charged misdemeanors to complex felonies and appeals—in all cases, Julie Nelson delivers the expertise of a criminal defense-focused firm.

Protect Your Rights

Julie Nelson

Criminal defense attorney, Julie Loftus Nelson, of Nelson Criminal Defense & Appeals, P.L.L.C. has been working with criminal matters for more than a decade and is committed to bringing her experience and competence to aggressively defend you against any criminal charge.

The firm focuses exclusively on complete criminal defense services, from simple traffic violations and commonly charged misdemeanors to complex felonies and criminal appeals.  In every case Julie Nelson delivers the expertise of a criminal defense focused firm.

Throughout her process, from free confidential consultation through to negotiation, hearing or trial, she will work with you individually to help guide you as efficiently and effectively as possible. Her success using this approach has earned her a reputation for professionalism and committed advocacy.

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It's about more than just the case. It's about your life.

Julie Nelson's comprehensive knowledge and experience is only eclipsed by the personal service and attention she provides to each client. She knows that a solution in criminal defense must come from truly understanding your situation. This understanding means that she will always work to truly understand who you are and what a best possible outcome means to you.

Julie Nelson never just goes through the motions to settle a case.  Obviously a dismissal is always ideal. But when that option isn't possible, there are always several other viable approaches to resolving a case. But a solution isn't a solution if it negatively impacts your life. Julie Nelson fuses this understanding with comprehensive knowledge honed as both a defense attorney and former prosecutor who will aggressively advocate in your best interest.

If you have been charged, it is critical to reach out as soon as possible to begin protecting your rights. We encourage you to call.

To discuss any criminal charge in a free initial consultation with St. Paul criminal defense attorney, Julie Nelson, call 763-220-4946 or contact the firm via e-mail .